Guide & plate program


How do we do?

We watch, we listen, we analyze and we observe. More than forty years of experience of information solutions, has taught us to invest time in a proper analysis at the beginning of the project to identify and define problems.

Our tools and methods have been tried and tested in many and complex projects in a variety of sectors both in Sweden but also around the world, and forms the current basis for the law of guidance and the sign family.


What is guidance?

Guidance is all about placing the right information at the right place at the right time to ease users navigation in complicated and unfamiliar environments.

Most often are we presented in complex environments using cognitive mapping or regular mapping – a process where we create a mental picture of a place that becomes clearer as we become more familiar with it.

A well thought out design complemented with an effective sign system simplifies the mapping process; helps people to feel secure in unfamiliar environments and will simultaneously facilitate it for the business.


What is a sign family?

A sign family is often a part of the visible results of an analysis. A sign family includes a majority of the current sign types for the sign project and forms the basis for further work and ensures consistent updates and supplement, once the physical signs are in place.

Complex sign systems are organized hierarchically and by choosing the right method and number of levels the risk of errors and confusion will be minimized.