It is not just a business sign- and information system that gives the visitor an impression of the business itself and the values that the brand must reflect.

Everything from attitude and attire of the staff to the buildings appearance and décor are important elements that must all be part of the brand. It does not matter if you make sure that the signs are perfect for clients or visitors while they are greeted by a hit streetlight or a broken handle on the front door. There are numerous examples of things were the details are wrong and in turn will make the big picture wrong.

Our long experience in sign design and guidance has also given us a heavy dose of knowledge about what really is important to consider when you want to make sure that your brand and your image lives up to the values you want your customers to perceive. This experience must we not just use when we analyze, identify and structure a guidance problem for a sign system, but also help you to create an impression that really shows what you want your business to reflect.

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