Public Administration Signage

By using effective signage systems for public spaces a first-class impress will give touch to not just the property but also the visitor's overall experience. Strategic and aesthetic signage is a relationship-building investment and helps to give citizens a good and safe environment.

Along with builders, architects and property managers, our mission is both to guide visitors in for those unfamiliar surroundings and to make it easy for staff to find in their own premises. It is very much about creating a sense of security, convenience and recognition - something that is especially important for various agencies and government departments.

Property Board of Sweden

The Property Board of Sweden cherish today and create tomorrow's heritage by managing approximately 2300 properties in Sweden and land equivalent to one seventh of the country's land area.

Since 2006 have Lexsign been the proud provider of information and directional signs to the National Property Board and has until now been entrusted to deliver signs from everything to larger castles and parks as to a number of embassies around the world.

The sign manual being used is based on one of our standard sign systems; this is to create a long-term financial solution, but also to simplify additions and changes. However, we have made some custom adjustments to the signs making them fit into the often old and historic environments where they are placed, but without for that matter losing clarity of the information

Rättsmedicinalverket in Gothenburg

Rättsmedicinalverket is a professional knowledge and expert organization who plays an important role in the Swedish judicial system. With qualified analyzes and assessments in forensic psychiatry, forensic medicine, forensic chemistry and forensic genetics can important answers be provided in court cases.

Rättsmedicinalverkets forensic Medicine Department in Gothenburg are currently operating in brand new premises. The building is housing departments like autopsy, mortuary, avskedsrum, laboratory, examination rooms, offices and staff facilities.

The building is frequented by both professionals, students and families of the deceased and it is therefor especially important with a clear yet restrained signage to help people finding their destination without any struggle.

The signs are simple, clear, and sized well whilst still being able to expand and transform them which customers perceive as very good. It is thus not locked into a solution, but you can easily change the signs along with changes in the business.

The Royal Library

Based on a typographic sign manual and by taking into account both the need for information and the unique environment, we have developed a sign program and delivered and fitted interior signage at the Royal Library in Stockholm.

The signs are from one of our standard sign system, which ensures low running costs and ease of change and expansion as needs or premises change.

The County Board of Stockholm

The County Board of Stockholm has the task of coordinating efforts to manage and develop the Royal National City Park. The Royal National City Park is the world's first national urban park and an area of national and international interest.

We have, in collaboration with the Essen International developed a sign program consisting of information signs and various kinds of directional signs for the bike path that goes throughout the whole park.

Subsequently have we also both delivered and installed information signs that are strategically placed on different locations in Stockholm, and approximately 150 pieces bicycle route signs leading riders on the right way through the unique and amazing park that stretches all the way through Stockholm from Fjäderholmarna to Ulriksdal.

Swedish National Police Board

For the units in the National Police Board have we developed sign programs for both exterior and interior signs and have also delivered this type of signage. The National Police Board has thus acquired a flexible and easily expandable system that can manage the operational changes that occur continuously.