Signage for the healthcare sector

We have for many years delivered functional signage systems to different healthcare facilities. We have experience in both signage and informational systems from large medical complex to health centers and smaller clinics worldwide.

Health care facilities often involve complex environments with extensive information flows that require special consideration. Consider developing a dependable direction and information system that works both for stressed visitors and employees, but more important, the people who are in need of care.

There is probably no area where the demands of a functioning information system are so large and where the receivers of information must be understood by a diverse variety of types of visitors.


After a public procurement in 2011, we were selected to be Praktikertjänst framework agreement supplier. Subsequent, we have also developed a signage handbook to guide the clients from Praktikertjänst to complete successful orders from the signage program, and to simplify the communication between the client and Lex Sign AB.

Signs shall be the "hand" that helps visitors to orient themselves through an enterprise to the proper destination. They create security for the visitor by showing orderliness in the environment they move in. To have clear identities and recognitions will also create security.

It is especially important for healthcare providing companies with visitors who may not always be healthy enough to create this security for themselves. There is also a legal aspect, which says that the patient should not have to be in any doubt about the identity of the healthcare provider.

All signs are designed, painted and subtitled in accordance with Praktikertjänst’s graphic profile.

The sign system is flexible so that it can be expanded and changed along with changing circumstances, which results in a cost effective signage system.

Sankt Eriks Ögonsjukhus

For the ST. Erik´s Eye Hospital in Stockholm who specialize in the treatment of various eye diseases and injuries, did we implement a basic flow analysis and developed a proposal for a wayfinding principle and sign applications.

Given that the majority of the visitors for obvious reasons have difficulty seeing signs, special consideration was taken which resulted in, among several other things, installation of clear guidance routes that was applied to the hospitals floor.

Danderyds sjukhus

As early as in 1995 did we develop a complete sign manual and signage program for Danderyd Hospital.

Based on the sign program a brand-new sign system were installed which was divided into a zone system and the signs followed a "less is more" principle.

The idea is that the visitor finds their destination and the zone in which it is located in through a main information sign. He or she is then only to concentrate on following the signs for the current zone. Once in the vicinity of the final destination a more detailed signage takes over.