Signage for the education sector

Activities in schools are no longer just about what goes on in the classrooms during school hours. Today does the modern school also play an enhanced and active role in society that many can enjoy.

In recent years, more and more activities accumulate in schools. It is a question of efficient use of the premises while interacting with businesses and residents in the area.

This greatly affects both the number of users and stakeholders. There are more and more coming back to school again and not just to sit in a classroom.

Because schools today is visited by so many more than just pupils and students, a higher demand of a clearer signage and what it displays is present. Ease in changes and adaptations are key to enable different types of businesses and activities during all hours of the clock.

Örebro University

To the new campus building strategically located near Örebro University Hospital, Have we been contracted to deliver and install all indoor and outdoor signage.

Hammars School

For the rebuilt and extended school, we were tasked to deliver vinyl for all windows. The appearance varied quite a lot with both normal contrast vinyl to contrast vinyl with pictures of figures. The delivery also contained pictograms with braille together with serial letter signs.

Lackarebäck School

A brand new school where we supplied all interior signage and helped the customer with the definition whether the spaces in the facilities should be classified as public or not, this was done to determine were there was a needed to have install availability custom signage.

We worked a lot with the design to fit the school with its motto that it will be fun to learn new things.

Hallen School

For this school have we delivered the interior signage and vinyl for its glass partitions. We developed the correct sign system that was adapted after school activities, which means in other words, a flexible system that can live long.