Corporate Signage

Lexsign has extensive experience in signage and signage systems for corporations and multinationals. Many famous corporations have entrusted us to deliver the signs to their plants and offices.

Changes have become part of everyday life for companies and groups. We are continually developing products to provide our customers various tools so that they both rationally and effectively can manage the change process. We have developed cost-effective and flexible sign systems that can efficiently adapt to its environment in harmony with both the brand and the identity. We have both experience and capacity for everything from the small table sign to the great outdoors monoliths and illuminated signs.


In conjunction with Nokia´s mobile phone division was officially taken over by Microsoft, we had the privilege and pleasure of manifesting this historic event.

The project was administrated globally by Jones Lang LaSalle and Lexsign got the confidence to be responsible for the Nordic region, with Finland leading the way.

Lexsign´s extensive network of production units and assembly team around the Nordic region succeeded despite the extreme demands on logistics and coordination to implement the project within the tight timeframes that was a part of this change.


In conjunction with the launch of LKAB’s new logo in 2012, a brand new sign program was launched.

A part of our task consisted in implement the rebranding over one night at the places where the identity is strategically important. Furthermore, also to analyze the flow inside their premises and territories, plan and assemble a complete wayfinding concept for turnkey contracts.

The effect of this project resulted in not just the clarification of LKAB's profile but also order inside the LKAB's premises and areas. Through clear wayfinding did we create comfort amongst new employees and contractors who are unfamiliar with the area. By eliminating misguidance and unclarity issues efficiency in the company will be increased and stress among both employees and visitors will be reduced.

The design was developed through close cooperation between Essen International, LKAB and Lexsign and includes everything from name badges at the office door, directional signs inside the industrial areas to large illuminated branding signs that are visible from public roads and communities.

Vattenfall - Group

In conjunction with a revised logo and a new supporting graphic profile, Essen International developed a whole new signage program for the Vattenfall Group. A signage program that covered everything from small table signs to great facade signs.

Then, in 2004 were we procured by Vattenfall Group as their new supplier and has since had the confidence to deliver both knowledge and products to all Vattenfall's offices and facilities in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Germany and England.

The project that now has spanned over 10 years has obviously been massive and involved many people, but the result has also been really good and Vattenfall has a standardized signage profile at all its facilities regardless of the market or country.

Micasa real estate

Micasa Fastigheter i Stockholm AB, a subsidiary of the Stockholms Stadshus AB, is a real estate company that owns and manages the City of Stockholm's elderly care properties. An elderly care property may be a nursing and care home, a treatment center or a group home. Micasa Fastigheter owns and manages a number of senior, security and student accommodations.

We have since 2007 a framework agreement with Micasa Real Estate. The agreement is a result of a public tender procedure, which was based on developing a common sign system for the organization and all the buildings.

The sign solution is mainly based on some of our standard sign systems. Readability, contrast and flexibility was the key words when the range was developed which also means that many of the signs we has supplied over the years also has been adapted for accessibility.


Re-profiling project in conjunction with the renewal of the Arla brand, with the goal to illustrate their environmental consciousness, made in a large Nordic, cross-border cooperation with Danish Sign Brand.

25 plants at various locations in Sweden and even more in Denmark were overnight suited with a new profile.

A project that made great demands on project management and logistics.


Sweden's most accessible theater. It was a challenge for everyone involved in the project.

We were responsible for the signs that according to legal requirements also must avert simpler barriers to accessibility. Sign The graphic design was made in close cooperation between Lexsign, the design Pangea, People's Theatre and Erséus Architects.

The big challenge was to get together function, availability, interior design and graphic design. Something that succeeded and that actually works.

The sign system for the interior are of the Infinity from Modulex. The exterior signs are LED type with low power consumption.


To start the project we developed a proposal for an interior signage programs (desgin and product) to the new ÅF House in Gothenburg, which was inaugurated in 2014.

The further we got into the process with the customer, the more important were the signs and ultimately resulted in our work, we also got the assignment to develop a sign manual which take effect for all ÅF`s office.

A neutral design with color elements adapted to the various interiors of offices around the country.

Ideon Science Park

Ideon Science Park is the first and also the largest of Sweden's approximately fifty research villages - or science parks as they are often called.

The challenge was that after a wayfinding analysis put it into practice with respect to the graphical profile developed a few years earlier. The first phase was the exterior signs needed to visitors, regardless of nationality, would have the opportunity to find inside the area. The next phase was to guide visitors interior to the various destinations.

An exciting and very extensive project that started in translating a visual identity for a complete signage programs and then reacted with the great feature of reality. A turnkey simply.

N3 - Trollhättan

A meeting place for young culture where everyone is welcome.

2011 we were selected as a supplier to N3 in Trollhättan, when availability was prion 1. Our mission is to develop an interior sign program that was as accessible while it would be flexible. It was also to make a solid wayfinding analysis and to develop a design for how the signs would look like.

Everything from the registry with reference to the entrance to the identification signs, ceiling-mounted signs, floor signs, etc.