Print on Panel

Now your signs can be used in more ways than just traditional wayfinding. With prints resistant to be "peeled off", by fine details and sharp colors can the print on panel technology create unique signs. The print can also be used to create text effects such as hidden messages and images that only will appear at certain angles.

The details

  • Letter height can be as small as 2 mm depending on the surface and font.
  • Small-vectorized details can be used for logos, maps or other decorative elements such as watermarks, etc.
  • Six different colors and white ink manages the whole Pantone color scale.
  • Bright colors can be printed over darker colors.
  • The high 720 dpi resolution creates photo-like prints.
  • The technique can be combined with traditional vinyl text to create even more effects.
  • Examples of vinyl types that provide exciting effects are: Mirror vinyl, frosted vinyl, reflective vinyl, metal vinyl, luminescent vinyl, etc.

Opportunities and results

  • Printing text and base in the same color can create hidden messages, which may be used for titles, logos, watermarks, secondary information, etc.
  • Textures, patterns, watermarks, symbols and decorations can be created by varying combinations of gloss, embossed effects, print with metallic effect and using white ink or not.
  • You can print the entire surface to the edges and thus you have total freedom graphic to create a non-reflective surface with excellent legibility.
  • Printing on other than traditional sign materials such as Infinity Glass, Corona panels, etc., opens up unimagined design possibilities.

The technique

  • The ink used is transparent and provides a matte finish.
  • Prints can be done on almost any flat and heat resistant materials.
  • The technology and application has been thoroughly tested and approved for outdoor use with a 2-year warranty.