Outdoor signs

We offer a wide selection of sign systems for outdoor use, where every detail is both designed and manufactured in the purpose of sustaining a long life in a harsh environment.

You can get everything from traditional signage systems with billboard panels fitted on legs, to large freestanding so-called monoliths.

The signs can of course be delivered with different types of lighting, either inside the sign itself or with exposed fittings. Characteristics of all our systems are extremely high quality combined with a large degree of flexibility.

Pacific Exterior

The Pacific Exterior is characterized by lightweight convex panels with large text surfaces and can be mounted on a wall, like monolith or stand-alone on a leg.

Messenger Exterior

The Messenger Exterior offers elegant and modern design designed to last. It is flexibly structured, with each panel interchangeable.


If your signage solution requires both flexibility and reliability, Compass is the option.


Is a new type of sign for you who wants to be seen. The structure with few but strong parts makes it possible to create a sign with its own expression.

Light Pylon

Light Pylon combines stylish design with the impact of the advertising plate. Welcome your visitors while your brand is visible around the clock.

Basic Exterior

If you do not need a flexible sign where you can replace individual slats, Basic Exterior is both a smart and cost effective choice.

Seberg Exterior

Modern and smart outdoor signs for a wide range of applications.

Facade signs

We offer different types of façade signs with or without lighting.