Facade signs

With our broad experience of building signage in both large and small companies and organizations can we devise a sign that suits your business. We offer various types of facade signs that may be fitted with or without lights.

This category of signs are usually created completely from the customers wishes and needs and can be shaped almost without any restrictions at all, which gives a creative freedom to create a good identification of your activities that strengthen the identity and often visible even from afar.

Today almost exclusively used LED technology with low power diodes for illuminated signs, but for some applications, other types of light sources used. When it comes to the look and design of the sign, so there are again a number of different variants depending on the effect you want to achieve both sign is lit and when not lit during daylight hours.

If you choose a billboard without built-in lighting, you can have it delivered in a variety of materials such as copper, stainless steel, brass or whatever you can imagine.