About Lexsign

We have been on the market for more than 50 years and have a huge experience in wayfinding, consulting and to work with different signage systems.

We offer a broad range world-class products at reasonable prices. Our goal is to become an effective partner by offering our specialist expertise to develop solutions that are both practical and cost effective. At Lexsign we do our best to take care of our brand and are convinced that our products and services will help our clients in turn to take good care of their brands.

Knowledgeable, competent, reliable and fast-paced is our core values. They inspire our behavior, how we introduce ourselves and how we do business. They also define what it means to us and what you can expect and hopefully experience when we cooperate.


Lex Sign AB (former Modulex AB) was founded in 1964 by the Danish Lego Group. We are part of the international Modulex Partner organization and are represented in more than 40 countries around the world. Modulex A / S is the world's leading manufacturer of architectural signage systems for indoor and outdoor use.

Our and all distributors goal is to be an effective partner by offering our specialist knowledge, fixed prices, long-term access to products and wayfinding expertise and project management specialists.


At Lexsign we care about the environment and constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact both in the big picture and in our everyday lives. Our care is reflected in every step of the product life cycle from design to recycling.

Our products are developed for long durability and for easy reuse and source sorting at the time. We conduct strict controls and limit the use of toxic chemicals and water consumption in our production processes.


The quality of the signs and the care that lies behind contributes positively to the brand and sends positive messages to both employees and customers. Therefore, the quality of the product is extremely important both in a long and a short perspective.

We provide a two-year warranty for manufacturing and malfunctions and constantly strive to improve the technical performance of all our products. We do not abandon our clients and customers when the installation is complete.

We provide proven systems for re-orders and assure us that our customers can use it. All products from our Modulex range are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.


We have met many people since we started our business more than 50 years ago. We have accumulated a great experience of how people interact with their environment and how to provide well-integrated signage systems and we continue to develop.

Framework agreement

In order to offer the best possible service and develop long-term relationships with customers and clients, we have the opportunity to sign a framework agreement.

Some of the benefits of signing a Lexsign framework agreement are fixed prices, long-term access to products and wayfinding and project management specialists.

Would you like to know more about a framework agreement? Please contact us