We are happy and proud that you have showed interest for Lexsign and for our products and services. As partner and distributor of Modulex Sign Systems in Sweden and with a long and broad experience with different signage projects, do we hope that you will see us as the best partner to work with.

We have kept our promises in more the 50 years – to customers all over the world – and delivered information systems that looks good, work and strengthen the brand.

What is wayfinding?

The concept of guiding a person or a group of people from a one point to a final destination in a quick, easy and effective way is called wayfinding. To succeed with this in a successful way is it of high importance that the user is able to follow the path in confidents without feeling any doubt. In theory, this is simple, but in practice it gets harder. This requires considerable experience within the field to find the paramount solution.

We create your new signage system

A unified, functional and well-designed signage system will make a big difference in how your corporation is experienced! A well-defined sign system, or sign program developed for your business, is an excellent "toolbox" allowing effective changes concerning wayfinding and signage to be handled in a smooth and efficient manner. Secondly this will prevent the company from being displayed as disorganized and limit employees and visitors from being puzzled and distracted.

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Lexsign has been on the market for more than 50 years and have a huge experience in wayfinding, consulting and to work with different signage systems.

Read about our projects

Please feel free to take a peek at some of the projects that we recently have carried out. We hope and believe that the projects may bring you a fair idea of our expertise and our solutions in the many different areas. For further information about what we are capable of or how we can help you – please, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Read about our products

We are carrying a wide range of standard products at Lexsign, although we work just as well with other types of concepts and solutions. What really matters is that we find a solution and product that meets the your specific needs and that it is done with the combination of high quality and functional design making it able to be beneficial for many years.

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