Indoor signage

We help you with various types of signs for indoor use, and offer a broad variety of solutions in digital printing and foil decorations.

Our partner Modulex that is more or less the inventor of architectural sign systems for indoor use manufactures many of our indoor signs. These signs are characterized by being high in quality, design, and not least flexibility.

If you do not have an excessive need for flexible constructed signs do we also offer a number of other exciting options, options that offers other materials like glass.

Pacific Interior

Pacific Interior combines sleek and modern design into a complete signage system with light convex sign panels and fine details.

Messenger Interior

Messenger is flexibly structured, with each panel interchangeable, which makes the system easy to update and maintain.

Infinity Classic

Infinity gives freedom to depart from standard shapes on the signs.

Infinity Basic

A modern signage system that fits most buildings and premises.

Infinity Blazon

With an elegant and different shape, Blazon radiates both elegance and harmony.

Infinity Ellipsis

Dare to go one step further - and choose a sign type that will definitely be visible.

Infinity Any Shape

Fantasy is the only thing that sets the limitations. Any shape, logo, symbol or mascot can form a profile for your signature family.

Macer Interior

The future sign concept combines wayfinding, design and functionality - Macer Interior has all this and a little more.


Panorama is a paper-based signage system that is very easy to update.

Glass signs

Our range of glass signs is an elegant signage system with clean and clear lines.

Seberg Interior

A wide range of indoor signs with a European design that are both functional and versatile.